Shelf Life, Storage and Separation for Paleovalley 100% Grass Fed Beef Tallow

What is the storage and shelf life for Grass Fed Beef Tallow?

Proper Storage of Beef Tallow:

Ensuring the longevity and convenience of your Grass Fed Beef Tallow is crucial for enhancing your culinary experiences. Here's our recommended approach to storing Beef Tallow, allowing you to make the most of its exceptional qualities.

Room Temperature or Refrigeration:

  • Ideally, Grass Fed Beef Tallow can be stored in your pantry or cupboard at room temperature. When kept at room temperature, Grass Fed Beef Tallow naturally maintains its shelf stability for approximately one year. This method is especially suitable for those who plan to use Tallow periodically.
  • If you choose to refrigerate your Grass Fed Beef Tallow, it's important to note that it will become solid and somewhat challenging to handle. To make it spoonable and ready for your culinary adventures, you have two options: either immerse the container in a hot water bath or gently microwave it on low heat.

Long-Term Preservation:

  • For those seeking to extend the shelf life of Grass Fed Beef Tallow over an extended period, freezing is an excellent option. When properly frozen, Grass Fed Beef Tallow can maintain its quality for several years.

Sparing Use of Grass Fed Beef Tallow:

  • If you intend to use Grass Fed Beef Tallow sparingly and opt to keep it in the refrigerator or freezer, rest assured that the container will remain intact. For best results, remove the Tallow a day before you plan to use it and allow it to reach room temperature. Once it has softened, you can effortlessly incorporate it into your culinary creations. Following use, return it to the fridge or freezer. This practice significantly contributes to the product's longevity and freshness.

Quick Consumption:

  • If you anticipate using your Grass Fed Beef Tallow within 3-6 months, you may bypass the refrigeration or freezing process as this duration typically doesn't necessitate these storage methods.

In conclusion, the choice of how to store your Grass Fed Beef Tallow depends on your specific usage patterns and duration. Whether you prefer room temperature storage, refrigeration, or freezing, you have options to suit your preferences and maximize the longevity of this exceptional cooking medium. Explore the culinary possibilities and savor the delights it brings to your dishes. Enjoy the convenience and versatility of properly stored Grass Fed Beef Tallow!

Is oil separation normal in Grass Fed Beef Tallow?

No need to fret about separation! Our fats are comprised of various fatty acids, including saturated, monounsaturated, and polyunsaturated types. Due to their differing weights, gravity can cause these components to naturally separate over time.

This separation might manifest as a slight yellow tint, occasionally a "grainy" texture in the tallows, or even a liquid consistency in the lards. However, it's crucial to understand that these changes do NOT signal spoilage or a decrease in product quality.

If you prefer a more solid consistency for your fats, you can easily perform a "reset." Here's how:

  1. Place the jar(s) with lids on in a pan or skillet, and set the temperature to 250°F. Let them sit for 30-45 minutes to encourage the fatty acids to recombine.
  2. Carefully remove the jar using an oven mitt and transfer it to your fridge. Allow it to chill for approximately 4-5 hours, during which time the fats should solidify and remain harmoniously blended.

Rest assured, once you've performed this "reset," your fats should remain stable and not separate further. And remember, tallows can be safely stored in your pantry for your convenience. Enjoy the culinary wonders that our high-quality fats bring to your dishes!

My Grass Fed Beef Tallow arrived in a liquid state? Is this safe or okay?

Frequently, we receive inquiries about our products during the summer season. It's not uncommon for our Grass Fed Beef Tallow to experience some melting while in transit, and in some instances, our Grass Fed Beef Tallow may even arrive in a liquid state. Rest assured, there's no need for concern!

Our Grass Fed Beef Tallow are meticulously rendered at approximately 200 degrees, which means they are well-equipped to endure temperatures exceeding 100 degrees during their journey to your doorstep. While it's true that the standard transit time for our products typically ranges from 2 to 5 days, and this duration may allow for some melting, it's crucial to understand that this timeframe is insufficient to cause any significant oxidation, especially given that our jars are all vacuum-sealed for your convenience.

If, upon arrival, your product happens to be in a melted state, we recommend a simple solution: place it in your refrigerator for about 3 hours. You'll soon witness the magic of transformation as it solidifies. Once it returns to its original form, you can choose to either keep it in the fridge or, in the case of the grass fed beef tallow, safely store it in your pantry.

We hope this information sets your mind at ease and allows you to fully enjoy the remarkable qualities of our products, no matter the season. Happy cooking!

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