Paleovalley Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Sourced, Shelf Life, Storage, and Serving Size)

Paleovalley Extra Virgin Olive Oil Serving Size

Each bottle is 250ml (8.5 oz)

Where Do We Source Paleovalley Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our Paleovalley Extra Virgin Olive Oil sourced from a sustainable olive grove in Greece

Paleovalley Extra Virgin Olive Oil Shelf Life

Savor the Longevity of Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO): Thanks to its abundant antioxidants, premium EVOO has quite a shelf life, typically lasting a few years. However, unlike fine wine, the optimal window for enjoying most olive oils is around 24 months, as their delightful taste and aromas may gradually mellow afterward. You can extend its life by storing it in a cool, dark spot, well away from excessive heat. To ensure freshness, look for a clearly marked 'best before or expiration' date on all high-quality oils. Our suggestion? Once you break the seal on that bottle or can, savor your olive oil within 6 months for the most vibrant, delightful experience.

Paleovalley Extra Virgin Olive Oil Storage

Refrigeration Not Required for Paleovalley Extra Virgin Olive Oil! To keep this culinary gem at its best, simply tuck it away in a cool, shaded spot, shielded from the sun's direct rays. And here's a flavorful tip: once you pop that cap, savor the rich taste and quality within a few months for the most delightful experience.

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