Paleovalley Organic Decaf FAQs

Are any chemicals used in the decaffeination process for the decaf version of Paleovalley Organic Coffee?

No, there are no chemicals used in the decaffeination process of Paleovalley decaf coffee. We utilize the Swiss Water Process, which is a 100% chemical-free method. This process relies solely on water to gently remove caffeine from the coffee beans while preserving their natural flavor and beneficial compounds. You can enjoy our decaf coffee with confidence, knowing that it's free from harmful chemicals.

How much caffeine in a serving of decaf coffee? Does the decaf have the


In a serving of our decaf coffee, there is minimal caffeine content. Our organic decaf coffee goes through a meticulous Swiss Water Process, ensuring it is 99.9% caffeine-free. However, it’s important to note that there is a very small amount of caffeine in the NeuroFactor (coffee fruit extract) included in our coffee. Specifically, there is 100mg of NeuroFactor per serving, and it contains approximately 0.7mg of caffeine per 100mg of NeuroFactor. Rest assured that our decaf coffee is designed to provide you with the benefits of NeuroFactor while keeping caffeine content to a minimum. So the total caffeine in a cup of our organic decaf coffee when including the NeuroFactor and the coffee itself is about 1mg.

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