Paleovalley Spice Blends- Shelf Life and Storage

What is the Shelf Life of The Paleovalley Spice Blends?

For optimal flavor and quality, it is recommended to use the Paleovalley Spice Blends within a timeframe of three years from the date of production. This ensures that you experience the freshest and most vibrant taste in your culinary creations, as the spices maintain their potency and aroma over this period.

How Do I Store Paleovalley Spice Blends?

To preserve the integrity and flavor profile of your Paleovalley Spice Blends, we kindly advise you to be mindful of storage conditions. It is best to keep them away from environments with excessive heat, exposure to direct light, and high levels of moisture. By protecting your spice blends from these elements, you can prolong their shelf life and maintain their quality for your culinary adventures.

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